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Agustin Martinez Hujarshi

Agustin Martinez Hujarshi is a real estate advisor licensed in D.C., VA and MD. Originally a native of Argentina, he migrated to the D.C. Metropolitan area as a youngster in 1989. Agustin has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from George Mason University and is currently acquiring a Master’s degree in Real Estate at Georgetown University. He has seven years of real estate experience and eight years of previous Lending industry experience. Agustin truly understands the concept of luxury living and his primary professional goal is to provide first-class service. Helping wonderful people like yourself navigate the local real estate market is a privilege. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a home, let his expertise, professionalism and advising skills secure the best deal possible. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Andres Delgado

Andres is an experienced real estate agent with seven years experience. He grew up in Maryland and has lived in DC and surrounding areas the past ten years.  He is licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He knows all three jurisdictions equally. He is passionate about real estate and loves working with clients to help them find their next investment property or dream home.

Andres is knowledgeable with helping foreign buyers purchase properties in the United States.  He works with buyers and sellers from overseas.  He is knowledgeable with advising clients when to buy and sell, rental income potential, and equity growth projections.

Andres graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from Towson University and a Masters of Arts from American University.

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